DJEEP Lighter 24ct Tray | Elegant

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  • DJEEP Lighter 24ct Tray | Elegant
  • DJEEP Lighter 24ct Tray | Elegant


Ignite every occasion with this DJEEP ELEGANT Collection 24 count tray of pocket lighters featuring textured, shimmery marbled designs. Thanks to its three-tank fuel system, DJEEP lighters have a long life and last up to 3,500 lights. The pure isobutane fuel inside each pocket lighter makes a steady flame that you can adjust with the setting ring. This helps improve your lighter's fuel economy and ensures you get the right flame every time. Every DJEEP disposable lighter has a durable reservoir made of high quality mechanical resin to help make the tank resistant to pressure. Plus, the unique lighter design has a rectangular tank and a large thumb pusher, making it easier to grip and light for added confidence and comfort – especially for adults with larger hands. DJEEP lighters are designed for safety and feature a child-resistant safety guard that is compliant with CPSP requirements. Looking for a stylish go-to lighter or a fancy lighter? DJEEP disposable lighters have you covered with collections of cool lighters for men and women. Find a lighter that matches your vibe with DJEEP Unique Lighters. DJEEP lighters have it all – quality, design and style.


Hazmat ship fees plus ground freight may apply to orders which require shipment and can't be locally delivered to the Denver area. No guarantee for fulfillment of flammables outside the contiguous USA, and limits on quantity may also apply.

Due to shipping limitations flammable items will NOT ship to Alaska, HMI reserves the right to remove these items from Alaska orders without notice. If prepaid, the value of flammable items will be refunded upon removal from the invoice.

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